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RPA Process Essentials RPA Process Essentials

RPA Process Essentials

RPA Process Essentials


Course Details

    The main purpose in our 3-Day RPA Process Training is to help you gain an understanding of the techniques involved in getting a business process from manual to automated in the most efficient way possible. The 3-day course covers extensive process understanding, visualization, and data gathering.

    For this course the main topics that will be covered are:

    • Process Diagramming
    • Process Analysis
    • Data Gathering
    • Process Prioritization and Categorization
    • Automation Architect Solutioning

    You will receive hands-on experience with real-world business process examples so that you can practice identifying good processes for automation and building out an automation solution.


    The beauty in our training courses here at Integrātz is that no coding experience is required beyond basic familiarity with technology and computer navigation. We will teach you everything you need to know!

    A few requirements for this course:

    1.) A Windows Operating System.

    2.) A Computer on which you have admin privileges in order to install applications.

    3.) A system on which you can manage your firewall in order to access the software.