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5-Day RPA Deep Dive - Boot Camp 5-Day RPA Deep Dive - Boot Camp 5-Day RPA Deep Dive - Boot Camp

5-Day RPA Deep Dive - Boot Camp

5-Day RPA Deep Dive - Boot Camp


Course Details

This course is designed for those who are either experienced in development or experienced in RPA. Deep Dive will give you the knowledge to take your basic RPA development skills to the next level so that you can be confident about the end-to-end process of developing automated solutions in Automation Anywhere or UiPath.

This course covers:

  • Control Room/Orchestrator Installation
  • High Availability    
  • Active Directory Connection
  • Automation Infrastructure
  • Review of Automation Anywhere V11 or UiPath
  • Excel Automation 
  • PDF Integration 
  • Recorders 
  • Databases and SQL 
  • Email Automation 
  • XML 
  • Metabots 
  • Linux Automation 
  • Deployment of Automated Solutions
  • Error Handling and Logging
  • Process Identification and Breakdown

You will receive hands-on experience with the technology and work through real-world examples so that you can practice implementing the RPA platform.


The beauty in our training courses here at Integrātz is that no coding experience is required beyond basic familiarity with technology and computer navigation. We will teach you everything you need to know!

A few requirements for this course:

1.) A Windows Operating System.

2.) A Computer on which you have admin privileges in order to install applications.

3.) A system on which you can manage your firewall in order to access the software.