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5-Day RPA Immersion - Boot Camp 5-Day RPA Immersion - Boot Camp 5-Day RPA Immersion - Boot Camp

5-Day RPA Immersion - Boot Camp

5-Day RPA Immersion - Boot Camp


Course Overview

Take advantage of Integrātz’s expertise and plan for your future by building skills in an explosive automation market expected to create over 5 million jobs by 2025. With Automation Anywhere’s and UiPath's industry-leading RPA solution backed by our fierce dedication to training excellence, you can learn the technology skills needed to promote continuous learning and professional growth.

  • 35+ hours of in-person instructor delivered training
  • Hands on experience with real-world case studies
  • Led by our in-house certified automation anywhere trainers

The main purpose in our 5-day RPA Immersion course is to get you on track to have gained a working knowledge of RPA technologies by the end of this course. In addition to Automation Anywhere’s and UiPath's RPA software, the Immersion course also covers several adjacent technologies that interact with RPA in the broader technological landscape. The 5-day course dives deeper into the technologies used in regard to Automation Anywhere’s and UiPath's software, allowing students not only a deeper knowledge of the software, but allowing more hands-on time with our certified trainers there to guide them. Our certified trainers’ backgrounds in RPA Engineering, knowledge and experience with these additional technologies is essential for real-world RPA implementations, and defines a truly qualified candidate in the job market.


The beauty in our training courses here at Integrātz is that no coding experience is required beyond basic familiarity with technology and computer navigation.  We will teach you everything you need to know!   

1.) A Windows Operating System.

2.) A Computer where you have admin privileges in order to install applications.

3.) A system where you can manage your firewall in order to access the software.


Course Details

For this course the main topics that will be covered are:

  • Working knowledge of Automation Anywhere or UiPath
  • Excel Automation 
  • PDF Integration 
  • Recorders 
  • Databases and SQL 
  • Email Automation 
  • XML 
  • Metabots 
  • Linux Automation 
  • Windows Command Prompt Automation 

Within each of these topics our team of engineers will break down each tool and implement further knowledge of other technologies within these lessons.  During this whole process you will be receiving hands on experience with the technology and working through not only lessons that introduces the technology, but also working through real world examples so that you can practice implementing the RPA technology. 

For 5 days you will spend over 30 hours diving head first into RPA technologies with our certified trainers guiding you with their experience in the field of RPA engineering being used to providing you with a unique viewpoint from people who have actually implemented these technologies.